St Kitts
Hi! I’m Rachel, a Christian, Full-Time Working, Student, Single Mom, TRAVELER!

How do I juggle it all and still satisfy my Wanderlust? First, to say I fully satisfy it would be a lie. This would be why I call my Wanderlust, unjust! It isn’t fair to always have a deep longing feeling of wanting to be elsewhere. Far-sickness is no joke and can be quite the struggle when your life is as chaotic as mine. And I won’t even get started on how my bad luck or anxiety also interferes, not in my intro anyways!

But no worries! You are probably not here for me to tell you how I’m not traveling. I AM traveling, as much as I possibly can, with my chaotic life, single parent income, anxiety, and two kids in tow!

People often say:

How do you do it? (I’m here to tell you!)

You must make a fortune! (Not even close!)

Traveling with kids can’t be that fun! (Actually, it’s a whole fantastic adventure of its own!)

You’re traveling again?!?! (As a matter of fact, I am!)

I’m not here to tell you how to become a millionaire off a blog, never work again, and run off happily traveling into heavenly bliss; however, if you know how to do that, please share!

I’m here to share my life dealing with severe wanderlust, but at the same time, having to manage real life:

A full-time job to support my kids on a single parent income.

School to try to broaden my career options.

Bad travel luck (my boss even says I’m cursed!).

Severe anxiety and fatigue.

Health issues.

Single parenting my two kids and juggling their lives.

AND TRAVELING! Yes, it is possible! Follow me on my journey!

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