Well, for starters my name is Rachel, I am in my 30’s, and Georgia is my home! I absolutely LOVE to travel. Actually, just saying I love to travel just doesn’t really justify how I feel about it. You can say I am definitely a travel addict dealing with severe wanderlust.

I am also a single mom and have two junior travelers. Yes, being a single mom definitely causes some struggles with my wanderlust. We still make it work though, and I am here to tell you all about it!

I work a full-time job in the medical field and also attend school part-time. My days are stressful and busy, but travel is my antidote. On top of that I deal daily with severe anxiety and fatigue. I have social anxiety and am 100% introvert. I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. These cause me to deal daily with chronic pain; however, this doesn’t stop me from traveling, hiking, sitting on a plane, long road trips, etc. It surely isn’t easy, or fair, but that is what my blog title is all about!


As I grew up, my family was not world travelers. We took your average yearly vacation to the beach and maybe the mountains. I had never been out of the Southeast at the age of 18! We finally started taking some cruises, my first being in 2003 at 19! It only took one cruise to fall in love with them and we still cruise regularly to this day.

Once my children came along in 2006 and 2009 we went to Disney World quite a bit! I am also a huge Disney fan and will be sharing some of my tips and tricks with you. Once my Wanderlust hit, we even took on Disney Land!

I loved traveling, I loved the magic, I loved the feeling and I loved getting lost in the mountains, waves, or fairy tales. I did not quite realize yet what was coming though. Travel was something that I really enjoyed and it seemed I wanted it more than the average person, but I was blind with what was forming inside me.

It wasn’t until 2014 when I booked a last-minute cruise on the worlds largest ship, with no idea how I’d pay for it, that caused me to truly get bit by the travel bug. I did something I put off for years due to finances and ended up having a blast. It was then when I decided I wasn’t going to let finances be an excuse for me anymore. I don’t know what travel bug bit me that trip, but it was a big one! Just a little over a week after that trip I was booking my first bucket list trip on an Alaskan Cruise!

I learned how to manage credit cards and use them to my advantage, how to go out of my comfort zone, and to tell my anxiety to shut up and just book that long-awaited trip! I learned how to prioritize and make travel my financial priority. Within 2.5 years after that cruise, I cruised Alaska and Hawaii, road tripped out west, drove vertically cross-country to Niagara Falls, flew with my kids to Disney Land / LA, went to Iceland, and still managed to get to the beach, Disney World, and multiple cruises in between. Oh, and I have no plans on stopping anytime soon!


So here I am! Why this blog? Why that name? This Wanderlust hit me, and it hit me bad. This is not good because I am a single mom, which does make traveling a bit more expensive, I work full-time, I have this anxiety and health situations, my schedule is crazy, I do school part-time, I am trying to raise a family and juggle life. Wanderlust was not convenient for me, especially the bad case that I have. I am constantly thinking about travel, researching travel, writing about travel, instagramming about travel, etc. Travel has taken over my thoughts, my personal life, my job. Travel is all I want to focus on, but I can’t, and it isn’t fair! It is unjust for this wanderlust to hit me like this, with me having limited time and ability to feed it!

I also cannot forget to mention how it treats me! Someone always gets sick before we go on a trip. Something crazy or inconvenient usually occurs. I admit it, I do not have the best travel luck!

Wanderlust picked me. A busy, working, anxious, broke, mess of a single mom with really odd luck!

So this is me. This is me dealing with my unjust wanderlust life!

Read more about my unjust wanderlust in my first blog post: My Unjust Wanderlust Life

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