My First Solo Trip & Why I Loved It!

My First Solo Trip! Utah, USA Las Vegas, USABeing a single mom of two kids, solo traveling is not something that is easy for me to do. For my 33rd birthday I decided to fly to my favorite state (Utah) and do a strenuous hike that my kids would not do.

I flew round trip to Las Vegas and rented my car at the airport. My flight was with Southwest and I enjoyed my window seat that I do not get often flying with children!

Solo Trip

The flight landed early afternoon in Vegas. I have said before that I do not care for the big cities and this was no exception. I parked at the Venetian for free, which was awesome and a good location. It was nice here to not be traveling with anyone! I was able to walk about a mile one way, cross the street, walk back, and leave. I did not have to wait on someone to gamble or grab a drink (I don’t do either), shop, or deal with slow walkers. It was nice to just be able to see what I wanted to see, as fast as I wanted to see it, and be gone and on my way. I walked from the Venetian to the Bellagio and back.

Las Vegas Las Vegas

My goal was to stay on Eastern Time. I was only traveling for a few days and this would help me with getting up early to hike and for an early flight home. Being on my own time and making my own plans was great! I left Vegas late afternoon to head to my hotel which was just a bit North of Vegas. I stayed at the Super 8 near Nellis AFB for around $50 for the night and did not have any issues with my short night there.

The next morning I headed into Utah. The drive was beautiful, as expected! I drove into amazing Snow Canyon State Park, which you can read about here: Snow Canyon State Park

It was a whole new experience for me to just be able to park, get out, take pictures, walk, hike, or do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted! I hiked Jenny’s Canyon, Sand Dunes, and Butterfly Trail. It was hot! As in over 100 degrees, hot! There was actually only a few other insane people out hiking in that desert heat. I climbed up an overlook and found a tiny bit of shade and just chilled there for a bit overlooking the canyon. It was extremely quiet and peaceful.

Snow Canyon State Park Snow Canyon State Park Snow Canyon State Park Solo Trip

For the remaining two nights of my trip I stayed at the Best Western Travel Inn in St. George, Utah. The room was clean, and again, I did not have any trouble with my stay! Except for when I came back my second day and the maid left my door cracked! Thankfully I keep my room neat and it looked empty.

I was up the next morning around 3:30 AM and out the door a little after 4:00 AM. Thankfully, I was successfully able to stay on EST, and was in bed before the sun was down in Utah. My adventure for this day was the whole reason I decided to fly out to Utah. I wanted to hike Angels Landing in Zion National Park.

Zion National Park was just as amazing as the first time I visited. It did not lose its “WOW Factor” at all. I was in the park and at the Visitor Center by 5:30 AM. Unfortunately, I was not able to eat breakfast because I did not pass any place open. Since it was just me, I ate some of my snacks, packed up, and caught the first 6:00 AM shuttle to the hike.

Being able to hike at my own pace was a relief. This hike was extremely difficult to me and I was able to rest a lot. Once I reached the top, I hung out and just enjoyed the view for around 3 hours.

Angels Landing Angels Landing Angels Landing Angels Landing Angels Landing

Angels Landing was worth the hard work to get to the top, that is for sure! I was glad I was able to take the time and just enjoy the view. This was a perfect choice for my first solo trip.

Once I finally got back down to the bottom and shuttled back to my car, I did some shopping in the gift shop and then decided to drive the road through the park. Again, Zion was just as amazing as the first time I visited and is one of my favorite places!

I was in bed early again and up around 3:00 AM the next morning to catch an early flight home. Did you know that when it is pitch black outside, you can see the glow in the sky from Vegas long before you are near it? I thought that was pretty amazing!

On my flight home, I was able to snatch another window seat!

Solo Trip

I will not lie, I was pretty terrified at the idea of traveling solo, but it worked out wonderfully! Being able to do your own plans, on your own time, and move at your own pace, was a HUGE benefit of traveling solo! This was definitely not my last solo trip!

Thanks for reading and be sure to leave me a comment and tell me where your first solo trip was!

13 thoughts on “My First Solo Trip & Why I Loved It!

  1. Medha

    Great going, I’m glad you took that solo trip. It’s an intimidating feeling at first but so liberating, isn’t it ? Love your pictures and so happy to know that you had so much fun. X

  2. Mei and Kerstin

    The National Parks in Utah are amazing and we loved hiking there too when we were in the US. It’s great that you managed to go there by yourself. We don’t know many moms who would dare traveling solo, unless their kids are already teenagers. As for us, we both love traveling too much, that’s why we chose to not have kids. 🙂

    1. unjustwanderlust Post author

      LoL! My wanderlust hit after I had kids! Traveling with kids is a blast though, but there are some limits. I am so glad I had this solo travel opportunity to be able to escape and just ponder and enjoy myself on my own time and schedule.

  3. Followingtherivera

    Really well done for travelling solo. I’ve done it 3 times, and it’s always daunting especially as a solo female. Looks like you had an amazing time, and belated Happy birthday!

  4. Bee

    well done for daring and achieving you first solo trip in a while. it seems you totally had control and ease on where you wanted to go and what you wanted to do. my first solo trip was to Machu Picchu of all places.

  5. Ambuj Saxena

    I remember my first solo trip was more of a chance solo trip and I couldnt take many pictures nor the blog looked that interesting. However, your 1st solo trip doesn’t look like your first. You look like a pro-solo tripper!

  6. amit

    As a long-term solo traveler, I’m delighted to hear that you enjoyed your first solo adventure. Reading through this post looks like you managed to travel solo like a pro haha. I bet it was quite liberating for you to be able to travel solo but I’m sure at the same time you missed your kids too 😀

  7. Becca Talbot

    Well done for taking the plunge and joining the many of thousands of people who travel solo (including me). It’s one of the most liberating things, isn’t it? x

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