Wanderlust & When The Going Gets Tough

Wanderlust & When The Going Gets ToughSometimes I wish this whole travel business was all mountains, beaches, unicorns and rainbows. Some travel bloggers may act, or may you think, that it is. I am not one of them.

2017 had a pretty rocky last quarter, and to be honest, 2018 is off to one mess of a start. Would you believe that in November, I cancelled a trip and got a puppy instead! The strangest part about it was that I did not even care. I got to the point that just the thought of packing, driving, going, unpacking, doing, packing, driving, unpacking, then rushing to work the next morning, wore me out.

I had no motivation to go. Not because I did not really want to, did not care for the place, or that I no longer love to travel. I am just emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially, worn out!

2017 was a HUGE travel year for me. I loved it, but I sort of think I over did it a bit. Let’s recap:

Not long from returning from a Southern California road trip AND Iceland in late 2016, I was flying off to Puerto Rico with my two kids in February. We cruised an amazing, but busy, cruise to St.Thomas/St. John, Barbados, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, and St. Martin. On almost every island we were out all day exploring.

St. Kitts

In April we drove to Northern Kentucky/Southern Ohio to visit the Creation Museum and the new Ark Encounter.

Creation Museum

For my son’s birthday in May, we drove up to Washington DC, and again, we were non stop exploring.

DC Walking Tour - Jefferson Memorial

In July, we drove (more driving) to North & South Dakota! It was an exhausting drive, very difficult to stay awake! We visited many new states such as Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, the Dakotas of course, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

Road Trip to Mount Rushmore

In August I took my first solo trip to Utah to do some hiking.

Solo Trip

Then in October, we flew to NYC to spend some time in the city, then catch a cruise to Massachusetts, Maine, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

New England Cruise

From the time I returned from NYC til now, school got crazy, my fatigue got worse, my grandmother found out she may have cancer, my grandfathers dementia worsened, things got really hectic at work, we got a puppy, the holidays put a hole in my finances, I was homeschooling my oldest which was really stressful, I had my first surgery, and my health continues to cause problems. On top of everything, I do not like the holidays, I had my heart broken, and I went through some difficult parenting moments.

The crappy part about my “unjust wanderlust” is I have this deep desire to travel and see the world but just can’t. My life is so hectic, and my fatigue so bad, that even if I get the chance to travel a lot like I did in 2017, it flat out wears me out. I took a break from my blog, social media, and even trip planning. I just did not have the time or the energy for any of it.

So, what should you expect from me, as a travel blogger in 2018?

Well, I only have two mostly relaxing trips planned at the moment. I do not plan to over do it. I am considering another amazing long road trip, but will not spoil it with any details yet; however, I have to get some medications right so that my fatigue allows me to drive better. You can expect me to continue my “Chasing Georgia Waterfalls” series, and I already know what the next two are. Who knows, maybe you will even see my new dog along with me! You can expect blog posts with trip reports from past trips as well because I have so much to share!

I have about two years left of school, and with my grandparents health declining (especially since I rent from them), there just may be some much bigger things coming in the next few years.

You may not get a post every week. I will not be traveling internationally other than my two cruises. I enjoy traveling and this whole blog idea, however, I have to learn and set my limits. Wanderlust just is not fair when the desires it gives you do not fit into your life! So please, stick around and allow me to show you how I deal with Wanderlust when it is UNJUST.


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